Case study – web application development for iot infrastructure

Case study – web application development for iot infrastructure

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What was the project about?

For our client, The Viessmann Group, which is a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems we created a web application using framework Angular version 11.

The project was focused on an IoT (Internet of Things) solution.

We have received detailed requirements and scope of the project from our client.

The time to execute the application was short and we were aware of the risk associated with this challenge.

See if we were able to make it.

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Why was it a challenge?

The main issue for companies that run their own IT projects is the lack of flexibility in case of use internal resources (specialists).

Depending on the phase of the project, the demand for specific specialists may vary. It happens that after finishing one phase of the project you have too many people for whom there is no work to do at this moment. However, you need to be aware that in a while you will need them again.

You are facing this dilemma:

What should i choose?

If you maintain resources, you will consequently inflate the already high costs of running the project. On the other hand, saving during an ongoing project can affect the risk of not having enough resources to complete it successfully.

Just like any other company, Viessman also handles many diverse projects internally.

In the case of one of the very important and strategic projects related to the simulation of their flag equipment, there was an urgent need for such flexibility.

In order to implement the project, we had to meet 2 conditions!

We had to provide very qualified specialists,

We had to do it fast, very fast.

The client did not have enough specialists at the very moment. He also did not have time to recruit. The project was endangered.

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What to do if you cannot carry out the project by your own?

The answer to constant changing needs is OUTSORCING IT. This practice provides flexibility, fast access to qualified specialist from diverse technologies.

Outsourcing IT is not just a popular slogan.
It is a requirement for any business to function and thrive with no limits.

About 45% of companies that outsource IT functions say that their information technology outsourcing projects are designed to save money.
About 51% of technology executives say that they outsource applications and software maintenance.
78% of businesses all over the world view their outsourcing partners positively.

Many does projects. We deliver results.

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How did the project look like?

The main factors determining the choice of the contractor were:

How quickly a team of experts can be provided.

When the project can be started and how quickly can be completed.

The client made such an inquiry to several companies. It took us 2 days to prepare the offer.

Moreover, we showed our readiness to form the team of senior experts available full time for this project within a week.

And, as the delivery time of the project was the biggest challenge for Viessmann, we proposed a stepwise and agile approach.

Entire project scope has been divided into logical parts and we committed the delivery dates for each step.

We used our know-how and unlocked the full potential of our specialists. Thanks to that, our client knew exactly what it could be expected on each phase of the project and its deadlines. This could have helped our client to plan their own work better.

We know that our offer has been confronted with competitors. While other companies were still working on the offer, our team of experts was ready to start the project.

“You have exceeded my expectations. I did not expect that it would be possible to analyse our requirements so quickly and to answer them so reliably in such detail within this period” – said Przemysław Grabarczyk Viessmann’s ITS director of Wrocław’s R&D branch.

There may be concerns before starting and during the project.

And this time it was not different – we understand that.

I do not believe in the competences of external experts.

We develop competence of our experts. For the purpose of experience development in the field of Angular knowledge, we have created an internal academy. The academy is a place for our employees to thrive.

I am afraid that I will lose control over the project.

We do not allow our client to feel that they do not have full control over the project. That is why we stay in constant contact. We make sure that the customer receives not only what they expected, but much more than that.

I prefer to work with people from my company.

We really are cool, give us a chance to get to know each other and you will see it yourself.

All implemented changes will become an additional cost.

Fixed Price, Time and Material or maybe mixed forms of cooperation? We always choose the method of settlement in such a way that it is as cost-effective as possible for the client.

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About the client

Viessmann develops, produces and maintains the best in class, premium Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems and integrated climate, energy solutions for people, companies, and communities across the globe.

In all modern systems and solutions, software plays a very important role: starting from embedded or cloud software up to mobile or web applications. That is also applies for Viessmann: the leader in digital transformation.

What about US?

We are a client-centric and client-oriented Software House.

Our ambition is to create great software.

We deliver more than IT solutions.

The value you expect.

Excellent security measures.

Skilled and hard-working team focused on achieving goals.

A partnership based on transparency, great communication, just like in your team.

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