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Improve reliability, efficiency, and ensure the sustainable development of IoT systems.

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Are you creating or distributing HVAC solutions and facing these problems

with IoT systems?

High costs of creating and developing

a mobile application

Low performance

of the architecture

Discover ways to reduce costs
by up to 40%.
Discover how to communicate efficiently
with thousands of devices.

Are you planning to create an app for iOS and Android, but you are worried about high costs?

Do you already have a working app and look for ways to reduce the costs of further development?


As the number of devices increases, does the system slow down or stop working?

In communicating with devices, do you find the HTTP protocol costly? Are looking for a more efficient solution?


Create cross-platform applications more quickly and affordably. Integrating IoT with Flutter is a significant step forward in the development of smart applications. The dynamic Flutter framework adapts and responds to the varied requirements of IoT.


Accelerate the time to market for your product.

Reduce the cost of building applications with a single team working simultaneously on Android and iOS systems.

With Flutter, add new features to existing iOS and Android applications.


Case study


We implemented a project that involved creating a tool for low-level updating of heat pumps via a mobile app on a phone. A key element of the project's innovation was the use of the Flutter framework, which enabled the simultaneous embedding of this functionality in apps for iOS and Android systems. The project allowed for testing this cost-effective method of developing native applications. Moreover, it provided insights into the capabilities and potential problems when attempting to embed Flutter applications within native apps.

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Lightweight and efficient communication protocols, designed for devices with limited processing power.


Optimize device management and scale your architecture with minimal coding and low energy consumption.

Ensure system reliability by reducing the time needed for devices to reconnect with the cloud.

Built-in features support communication with millions of devices without performance degradation.


The modernized system for managing public alerting and warning analyzes data from sensors and manages the alarm network across the country. Originally designed for 5-10 devices, the system has been expanded to support about 2000 devices. Using REST communication via HTTP API was significantly burdening the system and causing application hang-ups. Switching the communication method to the MQTT protocol reduced data and server usage, improving efficiency, RAM savings, management speed, and system scalability.


Case study

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About us

We specialize in outsourcing IT specialists and in software development, particularly in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT). We collaborate with companies such as Viessmann, Mitutoyo, and Colgate-Palmolive. Since 2019, we have built a team of over 60 software development specialists in IoT.

Our experts work on various systems, including the ViCare mobile app, which has achieved high quality standards, as confirmed by ratings in app stores: 4.5 in the App Store and 4.4 in Google Play. The created app is being used by customers of Viessmann around the world.

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