Do you feel like managing your product after its launch is hard?

  • Let us help you with keeping your code well and take care of your product’s life.
  • Because we respect the work that has been already done for your valuable product, we want to help you with managing its growth.
  • Together we can not only work on the product’s success but also be there for you in case there’s need to intervene.

Meeting your expectations is our priority.

When you may need help

To correct bugs

reactive approach that is ready to fix what hasn’t been done well.

To prevent

monitoring the system on a daily basis will let us meet your expectations. We practice daily check ups.

To improve

your performance will be busted thanks to actions such as data migration.

To predict

active monitoring of your environment to eventually prevent what can happen.

Look how easy it is – what we can do for you

You don’t need to recruit new specialists that need to be trained in your company. We have already done it. Our experts are ready to help you right now.

The maintenance service we provide is based on proactive support. Open communication, observation and reaction are the key.

We will secure its continuous quality and support incremental improvements remotely.

The process of taking care of your product looks like

Tell us about your needs
We get to know your project, identify risks & threats. The overview of all possible outcomes allows us to peak the most tailored way of supporting you. Your goal is ours too.
Together we create service level agreement. It’s a contract that specifies the framework of our cooperation including your requirements.
After we have agreed what needs to be done we take things into action. It’s time for showing you how we operate in the field of comprehensive management and maintenance of infrastructure of your IT systems.
With dedicated tools used to track your performance we can react as quickly as possible in case of breakdown.
No problem is too much or too small. We will keep our eyes on your system on a daily basis.
Be our partner and use the system to notify us about problems. We are here to help you so don’t hesitate when it comes to communication. Keep in touch.
Repairs and adjustments
We identify the problem and measure it’s source to know how much time and which tools should be used. After common agreement we choose the most appropriate solution that will let you work properly again.

Keep your business updated

What is maintenance?

  • Maintenance is a process of taking care of something, looking at its growth and preventing eventual mistakes.
  • It’s a valid part of its life cycle that includes development. It’s important to watch over, modify and update the product that can keep up with changing environments and clients’ needs.
  • The essential part of maintenance requires preparation of an accurate plan during the development cycle.

How does maintenance benefit your business?

Saving time

We work just in time to be as quickly as possible. The less bugs the better for you because you don't need to stress over eventual down time. Also for your clients that can enjoy using your service.


We want to protect your know-how that you have worked hard on. Our services are performed on the highest standards by experienced specialists. We don’t want you to lose clients. That’s why we will observe and minimise the risk due to not being updated and fix bugs asap.


To create values you need continuous developing technologies. You can receive modern and proven solutions that match the market situation and adapt to trends.

What would you say about forming us into a team?

That’s your decision. What we can do is ensure you that our standard will be the serviced support.