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SafetyHeads DNA

Read interviev with Safetheads CEO Radosław Sroczyński and learn more about our DNA.

Tell us about your company in few words. What first come to your mind when you think about SafetyHeads? 

They are a group of people, but I have already talked to each one of them individually. I still do because we have direct contact. 

Comparing us to large companies in which I have already worked, sometimes it was variously…  with knowledge, commitment, willingness to work, with an approach to another person – here it’s different. These people just like to rely on each other, and I think that’s one of the most important things we have.  This is the strength of a small organization.  

Every day I see people among us who like to have fun. This is a cheerful company, full of people who just want to – work and spend time with each other. 

What would you like to become your company’s unique point? How do you want to stand out? 

I would like to keep work life balance at a very good level, so that work is not only associated with hard times. However, we are also aware that it is not always easy and pleasant.  

A lot of companies preach pretty words, but so others and it becomes repetitive. That is why it is difficult to break through the pattern and get rid of the effect of „another company with catchy slogans”.  

It is important that our organization really fits into the meaning of this word. To be one organism where you know that other people support you. We are one team, which is also willing to do something interesting after hours. But not out of compulsion but out of their free will to stay close to each other. 

I don’t want people of my company to devote their family or free time. 

As of today, we do not want our company to grow too big. Maybe in a year or two we will stop at 150 employees? Perhaps this will be the end. This is quite important. That’s my vision now and who knows, maybe one day it will change.  

Sometimes during the growth process a company gets out of control and at some points it becomes a corporation. We want a flat structure where everyone can be easily approachable. Thinking of situations like you can’t talk to the CEO just because he’s the CEO makes me shiver… The CEO is a normal cool guy in sneakers, with whom you can always talk. 

There is also something else.  I really like to bet on young people, those who keep studying. It might be their chance to shine, or to have fun. There are many options.  

I would like us to always support these first steps, youth, energy. Young people bring cool things to the company. Of course, those more experienced will deal with heavy topics. We also have engineers who have unique knowledge on board. But it’s great that these engineers can work with the youth, pour what they know into the heads of younger people, and raise cool colleagues to work with. 

What do you appreciate in the people of your company?

I try to see talents in young people to unlock their potential and support them through the process. 

Once, new moms wanted to start being testers. They came to us from another industry, so they had no experience or skills in this area. That’s why we went out in front of these girls. Thanks to this action, several of them joined my team and to this day they are grateful when we catch ourselves somewhere by accident on LinkedIn – they support SafetyHeads, because they remember how great it was to work together. 

We took care of them, showed them how to do it – simply taught them. To be honest, we were also curious how it’s going to turn out. They made mistakes but that wasn’t a problem. We have them the opportunity to make these mistakes and learn from it.  

I also value honesty and work ethic. In general, the company can give you a lot – fun, good atmosphere, companionship and more, but it all is expected to be based on maturity. 

By that I mean working without pointing out that we are at work. It also concerns the duties and conscientiousness. 

The work ethic I believe in is where it’s okay because the company is growing and betting on you. 

But from the other hand it will help you, forgive a lot of mistakes at the beginning and show you how not to make the same mistakes. 

Who knows, it might be that thanks to the company you can try new things that you haven’t done before, but in return you also have to give something from yourself. You can’t be demanding, childish but adult and tough, because at the end of the day it’s a business. 

What is most important to you in business and why?

Transparency in the way we communicate and inform each other.  

The worse thing is trying to hide the fact that you can’t do your assignment on time.  

I would rather hear that you may not meet the desirable deadline, but you will do everything to finish your assignment in for example 3 days. Then at least I know what to expect from you and that’s okay. 

The same goes to a project. When something is going down, I don’t want to hide anything from the client. It’s wrong to relay on assumptions that maybe the issues will just go away and we will see what happens.  

So, when something is already happening, I immediately inform the customer about it. In a crisis, we see few ways out. This is when a choice must be made so we will go for one option and see what this decision will bring. At the end of the day, we will let you know what happened, because we are doing everything to get out of the situation. 

Humility, ethics, empathy for the customers and employees are essential. I want to be guided by these values in business.  

Where are you heading as a company?

Our aspiration is not to be the largest IT company, the fastest growing or some totally global one – no, not at all. I would rather say that we want to be a normal company that stands on employees’ side internally, also on customers’ and business partners’ side.  

Let’s not worry about the cliche. We want to know what is happening inside the organisation but also outside. In corporations, you work only for a paycheck to come. In SafetyHeads aside of that, we also work to feel the joy that comes from doing what you like.  If we have positive energy, we pass on the same to our clients. It just makes our cooperation pleasant. I don’t want to lose that. I prefer to be the smallest in the world but happy.  

I would never like to get disconnected from the reality.