Security Audits

Security Audits

Is your company properly secured?

An audit allows you to see how many errors affecting security are being committed by your organization in everyday work.

Simple errors:

non-compliance with the GDPR and legal regulations

no information security management system

obsolete and outdated computer networks and servers

vulnerabilities in web applications

What is the audit cost?

Each audit is different and may depend on the needs of your company.

The cost valuation is made always individualy, although, no action always costs more. Contact us and order an audit.


Below several audit variants frequently chosen by our clients.

Audit of information security management system in the organization

(compatible with ISO 27001)

A solution for companies that care about their own and clients’ security. We will identify gaps in your security management system. You can improve it or prepare your organization for ISO 27001 accreditation.

GDPR compliance audit

Do you want to ensure you are acting in compliance with the GDPR?

We will check it from the legal and technical perspective. You will minimize the risks associated with the Data Protection Supervisor audit, avoid financial penalties and make you credible in the eyes of contractors.

LAN audit

You are not sure if your LAN is well configured and effectively protects your internal resources?

By identifying and verifying security vulnerabilities you will get a chance to reduce the risk of criminals robbing or encrypting your data.

Audit of IT systems architecture

Are you developing an proprietary IT system in your organization?

Check if it is designed and implemented in accordance with current best practices. If it is secure and compliant with the GDPR. You will gain peace of mind and reduce the costs of handling incidents in the future.

Audit of the third party/contractor

You care about security, but can you say the same thing about your contractors?

Minimize the risk of new cooperation or check current contracts. Make sure that you entrust your data and resources in good hands. By checking the technical and organizational security controls applied and compliance with the GDPR, you will get confirmation that the contractor is securely performing all services for you.

Audit of IT projects management

Do you have the impression that internal projects are not going as they should?

Let’s sit down and find the reason together. Increase your chances of completing the project in time and budget, without sacrificing milestones. By using best practices today, you’ll save time and reduce future maintenance costs.

Web application code security audit

Do you know that web applications are the most common hackers targets?

We will check whether your application is properly secured and has implemented GDPR-related functionalities. Do not allow to happen a data leakage incident. Detect vulnerabilities in the developer code before hackers do it.