Security Awareness

Security Awareness

Do you want to ensure cyber security in your company?

Start by building security awareness with interactive online training for business.

Why is online training a good choice?

The cheapest way guaranteeing cyber security!

Convenience – 24/7 online access from a workstation or tablet.

It saves time – you do not need to stop working and look for suitable date for all employees.

What skills does SafetyHeads teach?

Awareness – you will learn to recognize and avoid threats.

Defense – you will learn how you can easily defend yourself against most attacks.

Daily hygiene – you will get ready-to-use best practices to avoid data leakage.

Use the SafetyHeads online training – a tool created
for companies taking their first steps in building cyber security.

8 elements by which we provide instant effects.

5 thoughtful modules

Only topics related to company security and daily work.

Easy-to-use solutions

No prior knowledge is needed, only the willingness to act.


Additional downloadable material available.

Best practices

We use them daily and we have taught them to others.


Game mechanisms moved to business, i.e. ranking, experience points, tasks and trophies.


Permanent access for 365 days. Automatic content update and possibility of repetition.

Attractive video materials

Vlog form and presentations with sound.

Unique, varied tasks

Easier to understand the topic through practice.

What knowledge does safetyheads online training offer?

5 thoughtful modules – check what each of them contains.



How to secure your IT systems properly?

  • what is the importance of login and password in securing the IT system?
  • what are weak or dictionary passwords?
  • what should be a secure password?
  • what are password leakages and how do they affect you?
  • how to easily create and remember secure passwords?



How to defend yourself against attacks?

  • what are phishing messages and how to defend yourself against them?
  • how to recognize fake senders?
  • how to recognize fake links in messages?
  • phishing and its varieties – detailed analysis
  • techniques for defending against phishing


Mobile devices

How to use them securely?

  • effective phone and tablet lock
  • encryption of mobile devices
  • why is backup important?
  • applications – are they secure?
  • the role of anti-virus programs and updates


Data leakage

How not to hack your own company?

  • what is shoulder surfing?
  • how to work with documents?
  • how to send email securely?
  • https – why does „s” make a difference?
  • why use a VPN?
  • principles of work on wireless networks
  • how to securely publish data?



How to monitor and manage them?

  • what are incidents and how to recognize them?
  • what are personal data?
  • how to correctly report incidents?
  • what are the consequences of not reporting and handling incidents?
  • what are the benefits of reporting and handling incidents?

Do no wait!

Acquire the knowledge needed to ensure cyber security in your company.

We give you 100% practical information, so that you can work effectively after the first module.

How exactly does online training look like?

You will get information that is really important to provide cyber security in your company.

We offer only proven methods and easy-to-apply solutions.

Each module lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

Video recordings, presentations, short articles, tasks to be performed and gamification.

Everything in 3 languages: Polish, English and German.

SAFETYHEADS online training

This is a perfect solution for you if:

in your company:

  • IT systems are being widely used, e.g. email or web application
  • employees and clients’ personal data are processed
  • there is a risk of cyber attack or data leakage

you observe irregularities:

  • clicking on fake links
  • mobile devices do not have a lockscreen
  • passwords for IT systems are too simple and stored in obvious places

in your daily work you wonder:

  • how to encrypt an email?
  • is my phone secure?
  • can I infect a laptop by visiting website?

you want to know:

  • how to monitor and handle incidents?
  • what knowledge is needed for a non-technical employee?
  • how to ensure cyber security without a heavy burden on the budget?

Choose Your option

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  • 5 modules
  • 3 languages
  • Remote access
  • SLA 24 h reaction time
  • SLA fix time – best effort
  • Basic +
  • Gamification and ranking
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Additional materials
  • Solid SLA 24/7
  • Premium +
  • Content customization
  • Your domain or subdomain
  • Hosting on premises
  • Individual quote