Android Academy

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Daniel Nowak


What are your impressions after the Academy? 

I enjoyed the entire Academy. I gained a lot of experience and opportunities for growth during this time. I am satisfied because it was time well spent, and it was great to collaborate on a project with others who share similar interests. 

Did the Academy meet your expectations? 

Yes, especially the tasks, which were the biggest positive for me as they allowed for improvement. Later on, we also had the opportunity to conduct code reviews, which I also fondly remember. 

What was the biggest challenge for you during the Academy? 

My biggest challenge was getting acquainted with clean architecture. I didn’t understand much from the theory, but after transitioning to the tasks, I managed to grasp and internalize the topic. 

What was the biggest advantage of the Academy? 

The biggest advantage for me was the practical aspect (tasks on Trello) and the opportunity to interact with the instructors. 

Have you noticed progress in your Android skills? 

Yes, I was able to spread my wings. Sometimes when I go back to my pre-Academy applications, I see a significant difference in the code and the benefits of using architectures. 

Do you think the Academy will help you in finding a job in the Android technology field? 

Currently, I believe it will because it provides a certain level of experience that employers seek. Having commercial experience will definitely make a difference in the job market. 

Would you recommend the Academy to others? Why? 

I would definitely recommend the Academy to others because it is time well spent. Professionals and experienced individuals teach here, and they can always provide guidance on what you’re doing wrong. 

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