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IoT has quickly become a significant part of how we live, work or communicate. All around the world we see increasing
„always-on” way of life where more and more areas are supported or enabled by web connected devices.

Advantages of ordering IoT Solutions

  • Efficient operation management
  • Better use of resources and assets be corrected.
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Improved work safety
  • Improved customer service and retention
  • More trustworthy and innovative company image

Most critical challenges during IoT software development

Learn more about the challenges of IoT software development that our engineering team will support you in solving.

Security challenges

  • IoT malware and ransomware
    With a tens of billions of connected devices, some not updated or configured properly, some having known exploits – securing them from being hacked or infested with malicious software becomes one of the paramount of its operations.
  • Brute force susceptibility and default password
    Configured in large numbers, developed rapidly to be “on-time” many of the IoT devices inherit security flaws from their hasty design or widely known mass-market components allowing for easy access takeover.
  • Insufficient testing and updating
    Tight schedules and short shelf life of the IoT products generation results in them being under-tested if tested at all. They may become a single dent to break a dam and jeopardise the whole IoT initiative in the company.
  • Lack of encryption
    Some of the communication protocols and storage devices lack of the encryptions making them (especially when located remotely) an easy target to steal data or even a hostile access point to our system.

Deployment challenges

  • Connectivity
    Especially in remote areas or large industry objects- providing a fast and reliable access to the network may pose a problem to the IoT deployment.
  • Cross platform capability
    Difference in IoT implementations between vendors often result in high complexity and lowered reliability of the systems connected to various devices.
  • Data collection and processing
    Large data volume and its differentiated form are making its efficient analysis and any other processing a costly and difficult task. With ever-increasing cost of data engineers, this factor should be considered with high importance.

Design challenges

  • Battery life
    Delicate balance between performance and longevity must be carefully considered to ensure that system maintenance cost will not impact its TCO to severely. Wireless charging solutions however may soon come in hand and help us here.
  • Increased cost and time to market
    Increasing labour costs and spiking chip (or devices) prices must be taken into consideration to design solutions that will provide as good cost to value ratio as possible. Gold plating the systems may result in financial failure of technically correct initiatives.

IoT development services for your business

Get to know industries that benefit most from implementing Internet of Things solutions. As an IoT development company,
we primarily focus on them. But we can also discuss other opportunities.

Industry 4.0

Digital transformation is a big challenge for the industrial sector. It covers
many areas and requires the integration of multiple systems and devices,
starting with the implementation of intelligent sensors and the combination
of machines into one connected ecosystem. And also by changing the
methods of collecting and analyzing data using cloud computing and AI.
Ending with solutions that enable diagnosis, progress, value and process
efficiency in order to optimize production costs.

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The Smart Home market is developing rapidly and nothing indicates a
change in this trend. There are still new systems, devices and technologies in
this area. This is due to the huge base of Internet users, the growing
importance of home appliance health monitoring and the need to save
energy. One of the main challenges faced by the creators of Smart Home
solutions is to ensure business continuity, efficient information exchange
between devices and ensuring their safety.

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Innovations make it easier to produce healthier life in a sustainable manner.
Modern technologies allow a better understanding of the influence of
various factors on farm productivity. They play a key role in optimizing the
use of seeds, plant protection products and biological products. Digital
agriculture is based on the combination of information from various
sources, such as satellite images, temperature and humidity or soil
condition, and their efficient processing. Thanks to this, you can automate
many activities and make the right decisions regarding the necessary work.

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For our client, The Viessmann Group, which is a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems we created a web application using framework Angular version 11.

The client did not have enough specialists at the moment. We delivered qualified specialists very quickly and completed the project successfully.

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