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About the Academy…

Angular Academy is a completely free course created for people ready to challenge themselves. Our experts will help you through the whole journey. During the course you can expect prepared handouts, working in the Angular environment together with other participants and finalizing it with building an application.

To tIt’s your chance to see what programming in business looks like from behind the scenes.

Academy goals…

Support of young people is written in DNA of our organization. We want to help them increase their value in projects through development of their competencies. This is possible while working with technology in a project environment.

We want to support the development of young people’s career path.

Why Angular?

Currently the top and most developed framework for creating web applications on the market

Angular makes it easy to create robust web applications. Getting started with Angular will increase your speed and efficiency

Angular is our favorite framework, and we know that after completing the academy you will love it as much as we do

What will you gain by joining the Angular Academy?



Obviously skills from the scope of Angular. By working together with other participants of the project, you will learn some soft skills. The course is performed in resemblance to day-to-day work in a project environment. In order to maintain the similarity you will use typical programs such as Jira which is a huge advantage for a programmer.



Your chance to work as a programmer starts here. During the Academy you will gain experience in working with technology as well as collaborating with people. All beginnings are difficult but from there it is downhill. For you the Academy will be a place to take first big steps and test your strength under the supervision of an experienced mentor.

New connections

New connections

Here you will meet people who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. The acquaintances that will be established at this stage may be useful to you in the future. Take it as a chance. In an environment where we focus on effects rather than numbers, you have an opportunity to grow. Mistakes are okay – because we learn the most from them.

Who is it the Academy for:

  • Are you a student of technical school, high school
    or just starting your university years in the field of computer science?
  • Do you want to start your adventure with the Angular framework
    or start a career in IT?

This place is great for you!

Do not worry if you do not have any experience – here you will gain knowledge in the field of technology and the rhythm of project work.
The level of the course is adapted to the participants. We are constantly in touch.

Angular Academy schedule:


We start with basic topics such as building a framework and collecting the knowledge necessary to use it in practice.


It’s time for the creative part of the Academy, where participants can unleash their potential. This is the moment to use theoretical knowledge to code and learn to work in a project environment.

Project launch day

After working in teams on a project which is the application, it’s time to present the final result to the world!

See the previous edition of the Angular Academy

The Academy is not only long hours spent in front of the computer on coding. We wanted to create a friendly atmosphere where our participants can learn through fun.

You can find on our Instagram

  • status updates during the Academy
  • interviews with participants and organizers
  • Highlights from our first Hackathon

Angular Academy graduates

See how the participants of the first edition remember the Academy

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SafetyHeads opinion

Michał Węgrowski

Senior Developer, 12 years experience in Angular


As the organizer and leader he is responsible for the technical side of the Academy. He prepared the topics and materials, as well as the schedule of the course, during which he always is ready to help with an advice.

„If there will be at least one person thinking that the Academy was useful and they learnt something from it then it’s a success – and it worked out!”

Check out the summary of the last edition from the leader’s perspective

Do you want to see with what kind of challenges we were confronted during the Academy?
How did the cooperation look like from the backstage in the eyes of the leader?

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