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About the Academy…

Android Academy is a completely free course created for people ready to challenge themselves. Our experts will help you through the whole journey. During the course you can expect prepared handouts, working in the Android environment together with other participants and finalizing it with building an application.

This is an opportunity to see what programming in business looks like from behind the scenes.

Academy goals…

The main goal is getting to know the practical aspects of creating applications in android design based on requirements, subsequent development through back-end, front-end to finally add the application to the Google Play Store.

Why Android?

Currently, Android is the most popular operating system for devices such as: smartphone, tablet, TV, smartwatch.

Increasingly, it appears in various types of devices, such as barcode readers, household appliances or autonomous robots.

The main language is Kotlin (formerly Java), you can write in all JVM-based languages as well as C / C ++ or use multi-platform frameworks such as Flutter.

What will you gain by joining the Android Academy?



Obviously, skills from the scope of Android.The course is performed in resemblance to day-to-day work in a project environment, so it’s an opportunity to learn the software development cycle. The cooperation starts from collecting requirements to delivering the finished product.  By working together with other participants of the project, you will learn some soft skills. 



We believe in the power of practice! That’s why the most of work you will do on your own or with your team but with the help of our mentor. We provide you with Android course, workshops and homeworks. During the Academy you will gain experience in working with technology as well as collaborating with people. The Academy is a chance to develop under the supervision of an experienced mentor and UX desigener. 

New connections

New connections

Here you will meet people who are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. The acquaintances that will be established at this stage may be useful to you in the future. In an environment where we focus on effects rather than numbers, you have an opportunity to grow. Mistakes are okay – because we learn the most from them.

Who is it the Academy for:

  • Are you a Computer Science student or are you willing to work in Android enviroment?

  • Do you know basics of Java and Kotlin (basic of Android as an addition)?

  • Do you fit in the required competencies such as:

  • Basic knowledge about project configuration
  • Components that you can use to build an Android application
  • Performing asynchronous operations
  • Powering the application with data downloaded from the network
  • Application architecture
  • Code Testing


This place is great for you!

Do not worry if you do not have any experience – here you will gain knowledge in the field of technology and the rhythm of project work.
The level of the course is adapted to the participants. We are constantly in touch.


You will have a chance to learn from an experienced developer. Together, we will go through each step of building application: design, develop and test code and learn about Android components that can be used during an app development. The workshop will consist of a theoretical part, where tasks will be presented, and a practical part, where participants will work independently and in groups on a livecoding basis.


We will give you tasks to develop in your free time. From sprint to sprint we will check if the task is done correctly and help you with eventual problems.

This is the moment to use theoretical knowledge to code and learn to work in a project environment.

Project Launch Day

At the end of teamwork on the project, which is the application, it’s time to deploy the application to Google Play Store.

In dates

14.12.2022 – Start of registration – you will get access to the online course for an introduction to Android application development.

28.12.2022 – The end of registration – people on the list will receive a short test and a task to perform

06.01.2023 – End of accepting tasks

13.01.2023 – Verification of candidates

16.01.2023 – Kick-off of the project

06.2023 – Completion of the Academy and meeting in Wrocław.

Workshop Topics

  • Basic knowledge about project configuration
  • Components that you can use to build an Android application
  • Performing asynchronous operations
  • Powering the application with data downloaded from the network
  • Application architecture
  • Code Testing


  • We will introduce the process of creating a mobile application for the Android platform in the Agile Scrum methodology to the participants.  
  • Participants will be divided into teams and will work together on an application that they will create for 20 weeks.
  • We will meet 2 times a week online (and not only) for workshops and meetings where we will plan tasks for the coming weeks, discuss current tasks and solve problems together. 
  • Participants will be able to obtain a certificate to pass the internship. The most talented participants can be invited to work at SafetyHeads. 

Don’t miss the chance to get to know the Android framework and develop your abilities. Get started today!

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Android Academy graduates

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Our experts are ready to share their knowledge, which they already gained

Marcin Sareło

Around 10 years of software development experience as Software Engineer, with 9 years on development of Android apps and on Java/Kotlin web-based applications. Motivated, focused and problem solver who build end-to-end mobile applications using the latest technologies and proven techniques. Worked in distributed teams on world class applications for the largest companies in their sector.

Przemysław Szewczyk

Around 5 years of professional Android development, has experience with other branches of the IT world. Always focused on business needs of a given project. He had opportunity to work on small to large scale projects as an Android developer.

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