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It is expeted that the global Progressive Web Application Market size & share revenue will grow from slightly above USD 1 Million in 2019 to more than USD 10 Million by 2027 r. Web apps are a blend of the best of native apps and the best of the web solutions, offering a matchless encounter right from desktop to portable area. The development of progressive web apps is inexpensive compared to native mobile apps, what is the reason for the growing popularity.


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What are we doing specifically

Frontend development

The main goals we pursue when developing the frontend of web applications are to provide an exceptional user experience, fast time to market and easy of support and maintenance.

Our favourite framework is Angular. Currently the top and most developed framework for creating web applications on the market. 

Other technologies

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue

Backend development

Backend is what enables an application to function. It is essential to choose the right technology for developing because it can seriously affect your application usage.

Our beloved technology is .NET supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud services. However, we always try to match the technology to the client’s business needs.


  • .NET
  • Node.js
  • Python


Server side technologies

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform


Data Base Technologies

  • SQL Database
  • NoSql Databases
  • PostgreSQL

Our Web Apps Development Capabilities

Experience in running IT projects and proven project management methods allow us to shorten the time of application development while reducing costs. 


All this so that our clients can deliver their Road Map without wasting their budget. 

  • We support at every stage of software development: from development, writing unit and UI tests, testing, application building process to implementation and maintenance of the application. 
  • We always analyze the current state of work – we advise the best solution for a given moment, based on our experience and customer needs.
  • We have Cyber Security in our DNA – we guarantee that the code and products are safe. 
  • We are part of the team – We do not sweep under the rug, we honestly and clearly communicate the situation on the project if we see threats or bottlenecks. Thanks to this approach, the client feels safe, we take care of his business as if it were our own. 

Challenges in web application design and development

Scaling the application

Due to increasing load and data size, the application may not function properly. The ability of our infrastructure to operate normally under increased load should be a priority.


Ensuring that the right cloud architecture is in place allows the cloud to increase its capabilities when
particularly high traffic is detected, thereby adapting to current conditions. This is extremely
important for the proper operation of applications and for reducing server maintenance costs.

Technological debt

We are currently using an application that is unstable and difficult to fix. We have deficiencies in
documentation, so it is difficult to develop the application with new features. The solution does not meet
security standards and we are concerned about business continuity interruption.


We are able to rewrite an application from an old system to a new approach that meets current
standards. We recommend solutions that are supported and developed by the producer. If
necessary, we provide a specialist with domain knowledge necessary for business development.  

Application delivery

An inadequate approach to the application delivery process can hinder application development and
increase the risk of large investments of time and money in later phases of development.


If client has a specific plan, we execute it using the Agile methodology. On the other hand, if the client
has a problem, we look for a solution using the workshop method. We often suggest starting with an
MVP to reduce the risk of potential startups.

Code quality

The low quality of the code affects the stability of the application, which affects the way the application
is perceived by the user. On the other hand, it hinders the development of the application and increases
its maintenance costs.


Keeping the code in good condition, testing by automatic scripts, application monitoring and bug
reports is our priority.  The „Test Pyramid” is really important for us. It tells us to group software tests and
gives an idea of how many tests we should have in each of these groups.

No support

Very often, after implementation, applications are left to themselves without support for newer system
versions or even bug fixes.


We have experience in developing end to end software. We can take care of the entire process from
analysis to production, implementation and maintenance. 


The lack of adequate security measures in terms of vulnerability can make it easier for criminals to steal
user data. The consequences can be financial penalties and loss of reputation.


Thanks to the experience of DevSecOps, we are able to constantly test applications for vulnerabilities
at every stage of development, which reduces the risk of their occurrence in the future. 

Case Studies

Case Studies #1

Web simulator for Viessmann

For our client, The Viessmann Group, which is a leading manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems we created a web application using framework Angular version 11.

The client did not have enough specialists at the moment. We delivered qualified specialists very quickly and completed the project successfully.

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