Cyber Security

It is not just a popular slogan, it is a requirement.


The global average total cost of data breaches is in the millions of dollars. The number of infringements is increasing year by year and the prognosis for the future is not optimistic. Many small businesses can shut down as a result of imposed financial consequences following a data breach. In turn, large organizations should take into account the possibility of losing their reputation and customer trust.

Penetration Tests

These are simulated hacker attacks involving the use of security gaps in IT systems, breaking their security or attempting to manipulate employees.


What are tests useful for?
  • You don’t have to wait until the next attack to fix IT security bugs.
  • You will find irregularities and find out what needs to be corrected.
  • You will learn about real threats and start to counteract them.
  • Estimate the possible losses due to inaction.

Types of tests

Web application security verification

We will check how long your website or service will be resistant to attacks.

Main goals:

Protection against data theft or encryption, replacement of the content of the website or its complete immobilization.

Verification of computer networks security

We will find out if your corporate network is vulnerable to penetration.

Main goals:

Protection against network penetration from inside and outside the organization as well as theft or encryption of data for ransom demands.

Test of resistance to social engineering attacks (phishing)

We will answer the question of how vulnerable your employees are to manipulation.

Main goals:

Getting to know the level of awareness of employees and estimating losses resulting from a real attack, e.g. data leakage or encryption, unauthorized access to IT systems.

Security Audit

The security audit will allow you to see how many security-related errors your organization makes in its daily work.

What can you gain by doing an audit?
  • Avoid financial penalties and make you credible in the eyes of contractors.
  • The risk of hacking and theft or encryption of data will be reduced.
  • You will gain peace of mind and reduce the costs of handling incidents in the future.
  • You will estimate the possibility of a data leakage incident.

Types of audits

Audit of information management in the organization

We will check your security management system and prepare your organization for ISO27001 accreditation.

Lan network audit

We will check if your LAN is well configured and effectively protects internal resources.

 IT Systems code security audit

We will check if your IT systems are built in accordance with security best practices
(compliance with OWASP (M)ASVS ).

Some of Our

Amazing Clients

Case Studies

Case Studies #1

Security Assessment for SpyroSoft

We conducted a security assessment service. The aim of the project was to assess the security of network infrastructure.

The tests were performed successfully. We were able to identify issues with a vulnerability. It helped counteract the threats and improve the security of the tested infrastructure.


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