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For our client Spyrosoft we conducted a security assessment service.
The aim of the project was to assess the security of network infrastructure.

Project details

Security  Assessment
Project Period 1 month
Based-on OWASP standardsand


The client was aware of a common problem related to cyber attacks. Caring about the highest quality of provided solutions, they wanted to check the security of their client’s network infrastructure.

Solution proposal

We recommended performing penetration tests of the network infrastructure in order to disclose the existing vulnerabilities.


Together with the Customer we decided that the tests would be carried out from the perspective of an external person attacking the company’s public infrastructure. This method makes the tests more reflective of a real hacker attack. It is worth mentioning that no user accounts were made available to the auditors. Tested areas: publicly accessible IP addresses, local network and WIFI and application servers.


1. Develop an assessment system to show how much the vulnerability affects infrastructure security.
2. Perform penetration testing.
3. Find vulnerabilities, describe and assign a rating.
4. Report on each area where vulnerabilities were found with recommendations for improvement.


The web Click Dummies are statically preconfigured to a specific (maximum) system scheme, so that all customer relevant HMI features can be shown. 13 devices with various configuration were developed.

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