Android Academy

– Mentor’s outlook

Przemysław Szewczyk


What are your impressions after the Academy? 

Co-leading the Academy has been an incredibly rewarding experience, fostering personal growth for both organizers and participants. The participants absorbed new knowledge astonishingly fast and put it into practice effectively. 

What was the biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was the continuous preparation of classes, given the twice-weekly schedule. I think that the future academy should be largely prepared beforehand, as generating materials from one session to another becomes nearly impossible.

What was the biggest advantage of the Academy? 

Engaging with people and the opportunity to evaluate myself as a mentor. 

How do you assess the participants’ progress over a few months? 

Participants’ progress has been substantial. We managed to structure previously scattered knowledge, clarify project management methodologies, and share valuable practices that can be beneficial for their professional journey.

What did participation in the Academy give you as a mentor? 

Primarily, it provided the chance to test my mentoring skills. It allowed me to refine my soft skills and gain experience with new technologies I hadn’t worked with before.

How do you assess yourself as a mentor? 

The participants have rated me positively, particularly appreciating my practical approach to knowledge transfer through examples and live coding. The Academy demonstrated my ability to convey information in an accessible and hopefully engaging manner.

Would you recommend participation in the Academy to others? Why? 

Absolutely, it’s an excellent opportunity to gain initial experience in working on „real” projects.

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