Android Academy

– participant’s outlook

Rafał Krystek


What are your impressions after the Academy? 

Positive. The Academy provided me with a lot of knowledge. I hope that it will help me secure employment. The regular meetings helped me maintain a learning routine, which was very beneficial. 

Did the Academy meet your expectations? 

Yes. At the beginning, I thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the Academy because it might be too challenging for me or I wouldn’t have enough time for it. However, the online format made it possible. I was juggling the Academy and two university majors, so this format saved me. There was a lot of knowledge, but it wasn’t overwhelming. I missed having in-person meetings with mentors to program together. 

What was the biggest challenge for you during the Academy? 

The pre-Academy assignments were already challenging. I know they were tailored for people who had some experience or familiarity with Android. I started practically from scratch, so the challenge was to complete the tasks correctly and within a specific timeframe. 

What was the biggest advantage of the Academy? 

The overall format of the project, which simulated a work environment was a great advantage. Everyone had their own tasks, and at any moment, we could consult with mentors or fellow participants for guidance. The online format allowed for participation in the Academy practically anytime, as long as you had access to an internet-enabled device. The amount of knowledge gained during the 6 months was well measured.  The Academy was well-structured into topics. As time passed, the tasks became increasingly demanding. Despite everything, thanks to the effective knowledge transfer, I felt like I knew what I was doing. 

Have you noticed progress in your Android skills? 

Absolutely. When I joined the Academy, my knowledge was very low, practically nonexistent. Currently, I believe I can do something, and it’s just the beginning. I decided to change my career path before it became too significant, and I wouldn’t have much time for it later, only while I’m still a student. I thought it wasn’t a bad choice. I started programming as a child in theory, as I had some exposure to languages like C, C++, and enjoyed it. I know that mobile applications are trendy now, hence the decision. 

Do you think the Academy will help you in finding a job in the Android technology field? 

I believe so, or at least I hope so. The Academy has definitely improved my knowledge of Android. 

Would you recommend the Academy to others? Why? 

Yes, I already did – I recommended it to my study colleague. I believe the format of the meetings is great, and the entire sessions are well-led. You won’t gain this kind of knowledge anywhere else, certainly not by yourself. I have the impression that no course, whether on YouTube or even at university, provides such knowledge – pure programming. The atmosphere was pleasant, and everyone was helpful and friendly. 

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